19 December 2016

Colour In A Christmas Angel

Get a free printable Christmas tree angel here from Activity Village.

It's a great, free tree topper.

27 November 2016

Miniature Christmas Ornament In A Matchbox

This tutorial is for a small origami ornament in a matchbox. A perfect Mini Christmas gift.

1 sheet of red origami paper, divided into 4
Red, Green, Gold thread
Strip of Christmas paper
Small MDF embellishment


Fold an origami Santa boot, following these instructions:

Cut 20 cm of each colour thread. Fold th3 threads in half. Tie an overhand knot. Glue the boot together, encasing the knot.

Allow to dry.

Cut a strip of Christmas paper to wrap around the matchbox case. Glue it down.

Tie the string around the matchbox and tie a double knot. Thread on the MDF embellishment and tie a Bow. Trim the ends.

Place the origami ornament neatly inside.

29 October 2016

Quick and Easy Round Crochet Rug

I am working on this round Crochet knee rug as a Christmas gift for my grandmother. Her favourite colour is green, so I am using 8 ply green wool and a 5 mm bamboo hook.

I am following these great directions on the Look What I Made Blog

22 September 2016

Handmade Paper Mini Christmas Card and Envelope Tutorial

A lovely touch for Christmas is a handmade card. Mini cards are cute and can bed attached to a small present under the tree. This card and envelope has been made from handmade paper but any paper you like can be used, rice paper, scrapbook paper, sheet music or wrapping paper would also work well.

Mini envelope template
Copy paper
Glue stick
Handmade paper
Green paper scraps
Craft knife

Do an internet search and find a free mini envelope template you like. Print it and adhere it to some cardboard (a cereal box works well) and then cut it out.

Trace the template onto a piece of handmade paper using a pencil. Cut it out on the line.

Score the envelope flaps with a ruler.

Fold the envelope and glue the flaps down.

Cut a piece of handmade paper, which will be folded in half to make a card, mine was 7cm X 5cm. Make sure your measurements are slightly smaller than the size of your envelope.

Fold in half.

Draw a tree and use a craft knife to cut it out.

Cut a scrap of green paper to fit behind the tree cut out. Mine was 3cm x 4cm.

Place glue on the inside of the card, around the tree edges.
Attach the green paper.

A cute mini card and envelope.

3 July 2016

Mini Pincushion In A Lid

Recycle a plastic lid for this quick and cute scrap-buster!

Free tutorial from Hafticraft:

20 June 2016

Origami Pinwheel Card

Recycle an envelope to make this cute origami card

Recycle an envelope which has a pretty inside pattern. Cut a 10 cm square from the envelope.

Follow the diagrams to make a pinwheel.

Glue the pinwheel to a square of contrasting paper and adhere it to a blank card.

9 May 2016

DIY Halloween Invitations (with a swinging bat)

Make some great handmade invitations to set the scene for your spooky soiree.
The bat is sure to cause a scare when your friend opens their mail and it swings out at them!


Orange cardboard
Black cardboard
Black business-sized envelopes 
White copy paper


From the orange card, measure and cut out a rectangle which measures 41 cm x 10 cm (16 in x 4 in).

Measure 19 cm (7.4 in) from the left and score with your scissors. Measure a further 22 cm (8.6 in) in and score.

Fold along the scored lines.


Search for a free clip-art bat on the Internet. Print it out so it measures about 9 cm (3.5 in) across. Trace it onto black cardboard and cut it out. 

Also do a search for a free black cat clip-art on the internet. Print it out so it measures about 7 cm (3 in) across. Trace it onto black cardboard and cut it out.

Staple the smallest flap closed, as close to the bottom edge as possible.

Pierce a hole with a needle in the top left wing of your bat and attach a 10 cm (4 in) length of cotton thread with 3 knots. Pierce a hole through the centre-front of the invitation and thread the other end of the cotton through it. Knot it off several times on the front of the card. 

Design the written part of your invitation on the computer. Use some free clip art if you like. Print it on a sheet of white copy paper. Trim it to 9 cm (3.5 in) x 16 cm (6 in). Paste it to the bottom half of the inner card.


It might be scary,
It might be a fright,
But it’s sure to be fun,
This Halloween night!

You are invited to a
Halloween costume party
On October 31st

At our haunted house

Please bring a plate of festering fare,
For the other witches and ghouls to share.

RSVP by 17th October
Phone number

Stick your black cat onto the front of your card to cover the hole. 

Print out your friend's name on copy paper and cut and paste it above the cat.

Place your invitation in the black envelope with an orange address label on the front. Happy Haunting!